December Photo Challenge: Week One

Last week on my Facebook page I started a photo challenge for the month of December.  You can find all sorts of photo challenges online or you can make up your own.  I decided to use the challenge created by Stephanie over at Silver Boxes.  How these photo challenges usually work is you take one photo each day that revolves around the specific theme for that day.  I’m posting the daily photos on my Facebook page and I’ll be doing a weekly summary here on my blog.  So without further ado, here is Week One of the December Photo Challenge!

December 1st – Countdown

IMG_8407 edited watermarked

December 2nd – Red

IMG_8421 edited watermarked

December 3rd – Mittens

IMG_8437 edited watermarked'

December 4th – Evergreen

IMG_8458 edited watermarked

December 5th – Window Display

IMG_8484 edited watermarked

December 6th – Wreath

IMG_8498 edited watermarked

December 7th – Love

IMG_8518 edited watermarked

Come back next week for the summary of Week Two and watch my Facebook page for the daily installments of this December Photo Challenge.  I hope y’all are having a wonderful December!


Monday Inspiration: Let It Snow

I have more snowflakey inspiration for y’all this week.  :)  For some reason I’m really into snowflakes this year.  (As evidenced by last week’s post.) I’ve been looking up different paper snowflake decoration ideas and even tried out some non-paper snowflake decorations.  I think I’ve finally settled on at least one decoration idea that I want to use this year.

We finally brought the Christmas tree up from the basement yesterday.  After folding out the branches and wrapping it with lights, I’m going to add a new garland to it this year.  I’m using this garland idea as a guideline:

Instead of using newspaper I made a bunch of snowflakes out of regular white computer paper.  Here they are sitting in a lovely pile on my desk.

I hope to sew them together into a garland this afternoon.  And yes, I will post photos once it’s all finished.

Are there any new decorating ideas you want to try out this year?  Go ahead and explore what’s out there!  You might find something you really like!  :)

Monday Inspiration: Snowflakes

In the past it was always my sister who instigated Christmas decorating every year.  I would lend a helping hand while mom supervised.  The decorating responsibilities fell to me when my sister got married a few years ago.  I’m hoping to start decorating sometime this week.

Last year I experimented with making paper snowflakes.  I spent quite a bit of time cutting intricate snowflakes from tissue paper with my exchange student sister Sona and her exchange student friend Nadya.  It’s exciting to unfold the paper and discover the snowflake made by all the little snips and notches!

I look forward to making more paper snowflakes this year and using them when decorating the house.  Here are some instructions and decorating ideas for your perusal.

Technically these aren’t snowflakes, but I’d love to try making them!

Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, you can officially start getting ready for Christmas! ;)  Happy Monday, y’all!