Hello, everyone!

As y’all might have noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here and my Facebook Page lately.  Life has been busy, priorities are shifting, and things are changing.

I’ve decided to take a break from updating my photography website and Facebook Page.  I will still continue doing photography (and will still be available for hire, *hint hint*) but I would rather expend my energy honing my craft than by trying to keep up with the past-faced business and self-marketing side of things.  There are also other areas of my life I would like to focus on.  Like I said, priorities are shifting.

You will still be able to access this website.  Feel free to browse the galleries and my Facebook Page to see some of my past work.  (I might update my galleries occasionally, so keep an eye out.)  Also, don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in scheduling a photo shoot, purchasing prints, commissioning a project, etc..

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support you’ve given me so freely.  It has meant so much to me.  I hope to see y’all here again someday.  :)


December Photo Challenge: Week One

Last week on my Facebook page I started a photo challenge for the month of December.  You can find all sorts of photo challenges online or you can make up your own.  I decided to use the challenge created by Stephanie over at Silver Boxes.  How these photo challenges usually work is you take one photo each day that revolves around the specific theme for that day.  I’m posting the daily photos on my Facebook page and I’ll be doing a weekly summary here on my blog.  So without further ado, here is Week One of the December Photo Challenge!

December 1st – Countdown

IMG_8407 edited watermarked

December 2nd – Red

IMG_8421 edited watermarked

December 3rd – Mittens

IMG_8437 edited watermarked'

December 4th – Evergreen

IMG_8458 edited watermarked

December 5th – Window Display

IMG_8484 edited watermarked

December 6th – Wreath

IMG_8498 edited watermarked

December 7th – Love

IMG_8518 edited watermarked

Come back next week for the summary of Week Two and watch my Facebook page for the daily installments of this December Photo Challenge.  I hope y’all are having a wonderful December!


Here’s that next blog post I promised y’all!  :)

So a little about myself?  I’m a native Texan who currently lives in Southern-ish Illinois.  I was home schooled from Kindergarten all the way through high school.  Lewis and Clark Community College is where I studied for my photography certificate.  For the past four years I’ve been working at my church’s daycare.

Photography isn’t my only artistic outlet.  I also sew, write, and dabble with drawing and painting.  I like a lot of different music and movies.  I can’t pick just one band or genre.  Same thing with flowers; they’re all so beautiful!

And now a little about my business:  For now it’s just me, myself, and I.  All the blogging, shooting, editing, and business stuff is done by yours truly.  It’s too early to tell if I’ll have a business partner or expand in some other way in the future, but at this point anything is possible.  :)

All my work is done to its absolute best; I don’t slack off.  But just like with any job, I’m constantly learning new things as I move forward.  I hope to give you the most comfortable photo shoot experience and wonderful images possible.

A note about e-mailing me:  All e-mails sent to the Yahoo account listed here and on my Facebook page are being re-routed to my personal Gmail account.  I’ll continue listing the Yahoo e-mail as my contact until I’ve used up all my business cards and can print new ones with the Gmail address on them.

To finish off this post, here are some photos I snapped during a recent weekend trip to Wheaton.  Enjoy!  :)


Phase Two is complete!  My Facebook page is published!  This is so exciting!

So for all y’all first-timers, welcome to my blog!  Keep an eye out for my next post which will tell a little more about myself and my business.

Thank you for taking the time to visit!