Self-portrait 37

The self-portrait project has returned!  I hope y’all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We had some family come visit and I’ll eventually be sharing photos from our excursion to the St. Louis Arch.

So what else new has been going on during the break from this project?  I have discovered the wonderfulness that is the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey!  One day on Facebook I was saying (complaining) how difficult it is to get my hair to curly nicely by itself.  I can get it to behave with a curling iron and last year I had my hair layered so it would somewhat curl when I used a diffuser.  But my hair gets fried so quickly and easily by heat and I wanted to find a less damaging way to get it to curl.  My hair has a lot of natural wave and curl to it already but it’s always been so poofy and frizzy unless I used heat to tame it.  The answer to my problem:  one of my friends recommended the Curly Girl book.

A few months ago I got my hair chopped off not just because the ends were so fried and awful but also to make it easier to straighten my hair into behaving.  The stylist said the typical things I hear every time I get my hair cut.  “Your hair is so thick!”  “It must take a lot of effort to get your hair to do what you want.”  After reading the Curly Girl book I realized it’s this mindset, the “change my hair” mindset that has been causing all of my problems.  I’m trying to get my hair to do what it wasn’t made to do.  God made my hair wavy and curly and that’s how it’s going to be.

My hair is still getting used to the new shampoo and conditioner I’m using according to the Curly Girl rules.  (I don’t have the money to use DevaCurl products so I’m using something else.)  Sometimes my hair is super curly and sometimes it’s just wavy.  The weather has a big affect on my hair too.  I could probably predict the weather just by the shape of my hair.  The pieces around my face usually curl pretty nicely though, which is why that’s the only part of my hair you can see in this self-portrait.  Of course my hair would decide to be wavy on the day I designated to take photos.  I’ll be sure to get a better, curlier photo to share with y’all so I can give you a better example of how my hair has changed since starting Curly Girl.  Like what always happens with things like this, I forgot to take a “before” photo to compare with the upcoming curlier, healthier photo.  This self-portrait project contains more than enough evidence though of the torture I’ve put my hair through.

Those curls around my face are completely natural!  When I would use a curling iron the curls would turn out flatter and not have as much body to them.  Not anymore though!  After only a few days of the Curly Girl method I was seeing massive improvements to my hair.  Almost two weeks later and the changes continue.  I’m still figuring out what cleansing and conditioning schedule is best for my hair, but now I actually look forward to washing my hair instead of dreading it like I have for so long.  As I told a curly haired friend of mine when I was recommending the book to her, “This might sound funny, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that this book has changed my life.”


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