New Business Cards!

Check it out!  I made new business cards!

I got the idea from Pinterest, where all of the best ideas are found.  :)  It took me a while to track down the original source, but I finally found it at while the sun shines.  These instructions create a unique watercolor effect that I really like and it is quite easy to achieve.  I tweaked the method just a little bit when I made my own cards.  (I did use the same kind of ink though.)  (Don’t you just love the classy Rural King ads I put down to protect the table?)

I soaked my cards in water for just 3-4 minutes instead of 15 and they took the ink just fine.  After I put the ink on the cards I dabbed some more water on top of it to help it spread out even more.  I used paintbrushes instead of eyedroppers and played around with soaking the cards in water before and after I put ink on them.  Here’s what the ink looks like after it’s dried and then soaked in water for a minute or two before I put on more ink.  This might seem obvious, but the more cards you stack together = less ink running down into the stack (depending on how much ink and water you use).  It’s something I learned through trial and error.

The colors can look quite saturated right after you put them on (again, depending on how much ink and water you use) but they become more subdued as they dry and ironing the cards seems to help the colors not be so bright.  At first I tried ironing the cards between a single layer of paper towels because I was afraid the ink might come off on the iron.  The cards were not getting any flatter or drier though, so I got rid of the paper towels and that worked perfectly.  The ink didn’t stick to the iron and the cards became nice and flat.  (Don’t use steam when you iron the cards.)

In the past I ordered my business cards from a printing company.  They were black and white and had one of my own photos on them.  It’s been two years though since I ordered those cards which means the information needed updating and I also wanted to do something besides slapping an image on them.  I really like these watercolor cards because they’re creative, colorful, and each one is unique instead of having all of the cards look the same.  Another advantage is that I can make however many I want at a time and use whatever colors I choose.  :)


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