Summer Holds On

The weather outside is still not sure what it wants to do.  It bounces between being very warm to almost being cold enough I have to wear a coat outside.  All summer the tomato plants Grandad planted have been producing so much fruit!  We’ve also enjoyed the eggplant he planted and a lot of pumpkin we mistakenly planted because we thought they were squash seeds.  The pumpkins are long gone now but the tomatoes and eggplants are still holding out.  They don’t seem to realize the weather is supposed to get very cold very soon.


Self-portrait 36

Never apologize for your naturally messy hair.  It’s part of what makes you unique.

Self-portrait 35

Not really much context to this photo, but I do love the perspective and depth of field.  Have I said recently how much I enjoy going all the way down to 1.4 with my 50mm lens?  It’s pretty spectacular.  And this isn’t even all the way to 1.4!  This is only 3.5 but the focusing is still so beautiful.  :)