Summer Is Almost Over

Hello, everyone!  I hope your summer has been going well!  I don’t have a self-portrait for y’all this week, but you can see my past three self-portraits here, here, and here.  Until the self-portraits start back up again, here is a summary of what’s been going on during the past month.

My nephew was born!  Sweet little Isaac entered the world on June 29th.  I’m looking forward to fulfilling my new role as a “Auntie Laura” and one of his godparents.  The day after he was born I took pictures of him but he has grown and changed so much already!  I’m looking forward to seeing Sarah, Adam, and their new little boy again so I can take some proper family photos.  :)

The next couple weeks after Isaac’s birth I helped prepare for and attended OAFC’s annual Summer Training event.  Ongoing Ambassadors For Christ is an evangelism organization within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod.  Summer Training is where members of this Lutheran organization can come for additional training in different witnessing methods and to meet fellow Christians who share their love of God and outreach.  Over the past couple years I’ve taken on the job of being the “unofficial” or “volunteer” photographer for OAFC.  I run around and take pictures of what’s going on during events and then these photos end up on our Facebook page and website.  I’ve been involved in OAFC for many years and I’m glad I can use my gifts to help further the organization’s ministry.  You can click the links above to see photos from this year’s OAFC Summer Training.

Orientation with Nate the MC.

Learning a new kid’s song.

Sydney and Christian, two members of the OAFC Travel Team.

In the middle of Summer Training was little Isaac’s baptism.  So my family and I trekked up to Chicago again over the weekend for the baptism.  I had the honor of being one of Isaac’s sponsors.  It was so special being right there at the font and watching him be baptized.  I’m so happy I get to be one of his godparents.  :)

There were still a few days of Summer Training left when we got back from the baptism and I was glad to rejoin my team for the remainder of the event.  Besides the informative workshops and our amazing keynote speaker (Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor) one of the things I enjoyed the most about Summer Training this year was meeting new people and seeing old friends.  Spending a week in such an encouraging Christian atmosphere was so great and I was sad to see everyone go home when the event was over.

Dawn Mueller of the Children’s Christian Concern Society.

Our keynote speaker Rev. Dr. Dien Ashley Taylor.

There are perks to having the unofficial photographer on your Summer Training team. :)

After Summer Training we helped Sarah and Adam move back to Indiana so Adam can finish his last year at the seminary and then we had family from Kansas come for a visit.  July was a very busy month but after all of it was over I finally got to catch up on my sleep.  :)

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