Self-portrait 27

Here is the last self-portrait from my stash for the time being.  This one goes along with these two “Pride and Prejudice” self-portraits.


Self-portrait 26

This next self-portrait is one of the first few I shot after putting up the backdrop in my room.  It goes along with this one, this one, and this one.

Self-portrait 25

There are a few self-portraits I have shot in the past that I haven’t posted as part of my project.  Why?  For one reason or another, I just changed my mind and decided to not share them.  These next few weeks will be very busy for me though and I won’t have time to shoot new self-portraits, so I’ll be dipping into this small stash of unshared self-portraits.

This self-portrait goes along with this one and this one.  I’m not sure why I decided to not share it.  I like the colors in it.  And I wish my hair now was like how it is in this photo.  I’m kind of tired of waiting for my bangs to grow out.  :)