Self-portrait 15

This is the second installment of a special series within my self-portrait project.  You can see the first installment here.

I’ve always loved the different ways water can be captured by photography.  From the softly blurred motion of a waterfall to static droplets frozen in midair, the possibilities are endless.  I have experimented with photographing water by itself, but I’ve also dreamed of photographing people and water interacting with each other.

Since I don’t have willing subjects at my disposal (one of the reasons I started my self-portrait project), I knew that probably the only way I’d get to experiment with this is if I did it all myself.  What I mean by “all” is being both the photographer and the subject, which can be a challenge depending on what you’re trying to achieve.  Y’all get to read more about what went into these photos next week in the third and final installment of this special series.  :)


10 thoughts on “Self-portrait 15

  1. I hate doing self portraits because I struggle getting the focus to land in the right place. You pulled it off perfectly though. Fun project, and nice concept. :)

    • Thank you! Self-portraits are hard to get the hang of. There’s a lot of running to and from the camera making sure everything looks right and is focused properly. They can be time consuming, but I definitely think they help improve your photography skills. It’s also handy to have a tripod and a remote to your camera. :)

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