What do you do when you have limited space and resources?  You get creative and make it work.

I love natural light for my photos, but I’m a wimp when it comes to cold weather.  During the winter months I’m confined to the house and I drive myself nuts because I want to take photos but space and light is limited in the house.  There is hardly a space with a clean background and light comes through the windows just right only at certain times of the day.  Missing those brief opportunities means you have to wait a whole day before you can try again.

What do you do in these challenging situations?  You get creative and make it work.  Yesterday I put up a backdrop in my studio (bedroom).  As you can see, I took the liberty of painting all over the biggest piece of blank wall space in my room, which left me without a clean background for taking photos.  I solved the problem with a backdrop.  It’s not a proper backdrop like what we had in the studio at school, but it’s definitely better than what I had before.  I can easily move the material so it drapes onto the floor, put different material up, or take the whole thing down if I want to.

If you’re going to make a backdrop like this, make sure you mount the screws or hooks into studs in the wall.  Doing so will make it very sturdy and able to hold up whatever (lightweight) material you drape over the wire.  (My backdrop fell down a couple times before I had the screws in the wall properly.)  If the material is sheer enough, you can stick some Christmas lights behind it for a little specialness.  :)


8 thoughts on “Do-It-Yourself

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  2. Hi there, I was hoping to read how you distributed the lights and kept them in place? Are they attached to the backdrop or the wall?

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  4. I would love to make this backdrop, the venue does not allow to make any holes in the wall…Is there anything you can suggest?

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