Brothers and Sisters in Christ

It’s the third day into the new year and I’m still riding on a spiritual high from attending OAFC New Years! :)

Ongoing Ambassadors For Christ has been a part of my life since junior high.  I’ve really loved growing up being involved in such a wonderful organization.  Going from being a youth to one of the adult leaders has been a great experience, and the entire time I’ve been encouraged by amazing Christian fellowship and God’s Word.

Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve evolved into being the volunteer photographer for OAFC.  Since 2006 I’ve nearly always had a little point-and-shoot camera with me at OAFC events and enjoyed snapping photos during our many activities.  When I invested in a DSLR I began taking things more seriously.  I started treating OAFC like an event I was hired to shoot.  I take photos at the local weekend events in my area, but the majority of the work is done at the national Summer Training and New Years events.  I’m now able to capture the many things we do in OAFC, freeze memories so they can be enjoyed after the events when everyone is missing their friends, and provide nice images to be used on the OAFC website and our newsletter the Crier.

I really do enjoy OAFC so much and being able to help the organization by taking photos is such a privilege.

It’s been only two days since OAFC New Years ended, but I already miss everyone.  I miss my amazing team, my friends I’ve known for so long, and my friends I’m just starting to know.  I actually felt like crying when people started leaving to travel home.  You know the phrase “brothers and sisters in Christ”?  OAFC is like that.  It’s my second family.

I can’t wait to go to the local weekend events in my area and Summer Training this year.  I’m also looking forward to the work I’ll be doing with the Board of Directors and PR Committee.

I miss my brothers and sisters in Christ and I can’t wait to see them again.  :)

(I was going to put just a few of my favorite photos from the event in this blog post, but I picked out too many favorites when I sorted through the nearly 200 finished images.  You can see the rest of them in this album.)