Editing: Your Own Photos

Last week we took a look at special editing and the week before was simple editing.  This week is about your own photos being edited.

You know those snapshots you have that you absolutely love?  Family gatherings, fun times with friends, your adorable children and pets?  They’re special memories all wrapped up in photos you took yourself with your own little point and shoot camera (or DSLR).  But they could use a some specialness or a bit of touching up.  How are you going to accomplish this?

For a fee per photo, I can tweak and touch up your precious snapshots.

The amount and quality of editing that can be done to your photos depends on the quality of the photos themselves.  Photoshop is amazing, but you can’t turn an awful, grainy, out of focus photo into something amazing.  (Unless it’s meant to be grainy and out of focus.)  Here are a few examples of the kinds of photos you shouldn’t submit for editing:

The subject isn’t in focus, the photo is very grainy, noisy, or dark (happens when you take photos in low lighting), or the entire photo is blurry or out of focus.


Your photos need to be in focus and well lit to a certain degree.  Here are examples of the kinds of photos you can submit and the editing that can be done to them:

Photos of family.  (Brightness and such was tweaked in addition to touching up blemishes.)

Photos with friends.  (Brightness and such was tweaked, faces touched up.)

Photos of friends.  (Again, brightness, contrast and such was tweaked.)

And photos requiring a little more intensive editing.  Can you spot the major differences?

There are rules for this service:

1. They must be your photos from your camera or that you took yourself.

2. I cannot edit photos you purchased from a professional photographer.  That is a big no-no.

3. The photos you want edited must be for personal use only; not for clients, to be sold or traded, or used in contests or art shows.  Photos being edited for promotional purposes are a slightly different story.

Contact me for more info about this service.

I hope y’all have enjoyed this little trip through the land of editing these past few weeks!  There is a lot more to photography than just taking pictures.  I hope to give y’all more little peaks behind the scenes in the future.

Happy Wednesday!  I hope the rest of your week is amazing!  :)