Monday Inspiration: Shooting Film

I dug into the Rooney Photography vault to share some film photography with y’all today.

These photos are from a roll of film I shot last year.  Shooting film and then sending it off to be developed isn’t the same as working in the dark room, but there still is that level of excitement to see how the photos turned out.

With the exception of a slide film assignment where we were learning how to bracket, we only shot black and white film in my photography classes.  So shooting this roll of film last year was a bit of an experiment.  What you think of when composing a black and white shot is different from you think of when shooting in color.  (One thing I did play around with in school though was bringing color negatives into the dark room and printing them in black and white.  I got pretty good results and was able to print some of my dad’s old negatives.)

I do miss shooting film.  Having my own dark room or at least access to one would be a dream come true.  Maybe one of these days that will happen.

Happy Monday, y’all!  I hope your week is amazing!  :)