Friday Goodness: Past Winters

I’m not a big fan of cold weather.  I grew up in the heat of Texas and during winter we’d be lucky to get enough snow to make a proper snowman.  Having lived in Illinois for several years now, I’ve definitely experienced my share of snow, ice, and power outages.

I do love snow.  It’s so pretty, pure, and clean.  I just wish it wasn’t so wet and cold.  :)

Here are some photos of our past winters here in Illinois (pre-DSLR).  We’ve yet to receive a huge snowfall this year, but I do plan on stomping around in it and taking pictures once we do.

I’m thinking of changing how I do posts on this blog.  The effort of putting together a post isn’t reflected in the number of views it receives.  The posts that receive the most views are generally the Etsy treasury posts, and I assume that’s due to networking with Etsy sellers and telling them their product is in my treasury.

So here’s a few questions for y’all:  What do you want to see on this blog?  What are your favorite posts?  How often do you read this blog?

Your feedback is very much so appreciated.

I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!  I’m busy getting things ready for clients and (hopefully) finally decorating the Christmas tree today.  Happy Christmastime, y’all!  :)


One thought on “Friday Goodness: Past Winters

  1. I love these photos, especially the ice storm pics. The morning after the storm was so eerie with the occasional cracking of a tree branch interrupting the dead silence. The crystal trees were amazingly beautiful!

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