Monday Inspiration: Snowflakes

In the past it was always my sister who instigated Christmas decorating every year.  I would lend a helping hand while mom supervised.  The decorating responsibilities fell to me when my sister got married a few years ago.  I’m hoping to start decorating sometime this week.

Last year I experimented with making paper snowflakes.  I spent quite a bit of time cutting intricate snowflakes from tissue paper with my exchange student sister Sona and her exchange student friend Nadya.  It’s exciting to unfold the paper and discover the snowflake made by all the little snips and notches!

I look forward to making more paper snowflakes this year and using them when decorating the house.  Here are some instructions and decorating ideas for your perusal.

Technically these aren’t snowflakes, but I’d love to try making them!

Now that it’s after Thanksgiving, you can officially start getting ready for Christmas! ;)  Happy Monday, y’all!


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