Reformation Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church

You know what?  God answers prayer.

The Saturday before Reformation, October 29th, I asked God if He could possibly bring some more clients my way during the following week.  I was almost done with the family session I was working on and didn’t have any other work lined up next.  Things have been a bit slow with getting my business started, but I still work hard and do my best at whatever work comes my way.  Well, the morning after I said that prayer, my pastor texted me asking if I could take pictures during the Reformation service that Sunday.  Wow!  Talk about instant prayer-answering!  And later during the week I received more inquiries about booking possible photo shoots.  :)  Now, I’m not saying that God is a magical genie who grants three wishes or anything like that.  But He does provide for us what we need when we need it.  He takes care of us.

Not only did I take pictures during service, but I also took advantage of the empty sanctuary during Sunday school hour.  Zion is such a beautiful old church.  It’s over 160 years old and houses so much history.  Many of the families there have been attending that church for countless generations.  I have taken photos of the church for a school assignment before but was so happy to have the opportunity to do it again with a better camera.

You can see more photos from Reformation Sunday here: Reformation Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church