Monday Inspiration: Ongoing Inspiration

Ongoing Ambassadors For Christ.  This is my inspiration, my pick-me-up, what keeps me grounded in my faith.

OAFC is a Recognized Service Organization of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  (That’s quite a mouthful!)  What do we do in OAFC?  Quite a lot of things.  Basically, we are an organization that trains youth and adults in ways to share their faith with those around them.  There are several local groups across the United States.  These groups get together once a month at a Lutheran church in their area and have a “weekend”.  We do evangelism activities with the church members, train them in the methods we use, and hopefully gain a few more members for our OAFC group.  A lot of singing, Bible study, and prayer goes on at these weekends.  We go door-to-door and talk to people in the community, visit a nursing home and sing songs for them, and participate in the weekend’s church services with singing, puppet shows, dramas, etc.  We have a very busy schedule all weekend long.

This past weekend I was in Broadlands, Illinois with my local OAFC group.  I left Friday afternoon and got home Sunday evening.  I was terribly exhausted and went to bed extremely early last night.  But the physical exhaustion is definitely worth the encouragement, strengthening, and wonderful fellowship you experience at these events.  OAFC is like a second family to me.  The kids are my younger siblings, the young adults are my close friends and confidants, and the adults are my parents.

I can go to OAFC in a bad mood and come back on a spiritual high.  Having the opportunity to do Bible study, openly discuss, and be in awe of God’s Word is the most amazing thing ever.  Getting to sing songs that express the joy in my heart from having a Savior who continually forgives our sins is wonderful.  Sharing that joy and faith with fellow believers is such a privilege.  And all the while we are doing this we are reaching out to those who are lost, hurting, and unsure of their faith.  Telling of God’s love and forgiveness to those who have never heard it is a beautiful experience.

I don’t know what I would do without OAFC and all the wonderful friends I have in this organization.  This organization keeps me continually grounded in the most important inspiration in my life:  I should have paid for my own sins, but God sent His Son Jesus to die for everyone’s sins, rise from the dead, and guide us in our lives as He waits for us in Heaven.  To have a God of such grace and love who still forgives every mistake I make… it’s indescribable.

(OAFC is also where I got a lot of practice with my photography skills.  Can’t you tell? :) )


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