The H. Family

Families are such an important part of everyone’s lives.  I think your family (of lack of one) makes or breaks who you turn out to be.  Whether you take after your parents or go in the opposite direction, the family you grow up with is one of the biggest influences in your life.

I’ve been dying to do a family photo shoot for the longest time.  There’s just something special about capturing the beauty, strength, and love shared by such close knit people.

I was so excited when Becca asked me about taking their family photos!  We worked together at the daycare on and off for a few years during high school and college.  It was so great to meet up with her again and take photos of her and her beautiful family.  :)

Becca has her own recipe blog right here on WordPress!  For the next six months she is going to prepare a new meal every night and blog about it.  Sounds like a fun adventure!  You should head over to her blog and check it out! :)

You can see more of their family photos right here: The H. Family


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