Friday Goodness (With The Beatles)

My wardrobe is not fancy and expensive.  It’s thrifty.  My days in college  aren’t too far behind me, and even before then I was very careful about how much I spent on clothes.  My parents taught us to save money and spend as little as possible unless you’re paying full price for something of good quality that will last for forever.  My sister has taken this to a new level and gotten into couponing.

Want to know what I consider a “splurge” when it comes to clothes?  Besides investing money in some good quality pieces from LOFT earlier this year, I hardly ever spend more than $20 on any one item of clothing, and with shirts it’s more like no more than $10.

So what did I treat myself to this week?  A t-shirt.  From Wal-Mart.  With The Beatles on it.  :)  I don’t normally buy t-shirts with something printed on them because they’re not as versatile as a solid color shirt or one with a nice pattern.  But I have a few with something fun printed on them.  A red Dr. Pepper shirt.  A grey Family Force 5 t-shirt from a concert last year.  And now this Beatles t-shirt.  (And how appropriate it is that I bought this shirt the same week Incidental Comics came out with this ingenious comic!  It’s my favorite so far out of everything I’ve seen him do.

Asking me to pick a favorite Beatles song is like asking me to pick a favorite food; they’re all so good, I can’t pick just one!  My most favorite favorites off the top of my head are Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Yellow Submarine, Back In The USSR, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!, and many more!

Ok, back to clothes again.  Here’s the outfit and the breakdown:

Express cardigan from thrift store: $0.50  (That’s right!  An EXPRESS brand cardigan for less than a dollar!)

Beatles t-shirt from Wal-Mart: $8

Skinny jeans from Khol’s: probably no more than $15

Black suede boots from Payless: probably no more than $20 (bought them last winter)

Green scarf from French farmers market in Wheaton (originally made in Ecuador): $14

Gold locket: bought it at a garage sale when I was 10

Clothes are fun, but thriftiness is the name of the game!  And you’d be surprised at what amazing brands and hardly-worn clothes you can find at good thrift store.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of Friday Goodness!  Have a good weekend! :)