Nathan is such an awesome guy.  :)  I’ve known him since he was a freshman in high school, though it feels like it’s been much longer.  Once upon a time he was shorter than me but he must be around six feet tall now.  (Note to self: bring a step ladder to the photo shoot when you’re subject is taller than you.)  We’ve been involved in OAFC together for the past three or so years.  (  I’ve loved having the privilege of watching him grow into a strong leader and a young man solid in his faith.

We had a great time taking Nathan’s senior photos.  First we went to Patriot’s Park in Greenville and then to a friend’s house to take advantage of their awesome staircase/loft/balcony.  Lastly we visited the Iron Gate, a certain little place where Nathan’s older siblings had their senior photos taken.  Nathan’s mother told me that she wanted to have a picture of each of her kids at the Iron Gate so we made sure to get that special shot for her.  :)

You can see the rest of his photos here: Nathan