My family hosted an exchange student during the 2010-2011 school year.  It was a wonderful opportunity and I certainly recommend you to consider opening your home to a foreign exchange student.  So many new things are experienced by all those involved and you get to feel like an international family.  :)

Our student, Sona, became like a sister to me and she was more than willing to help me with school projects.  Sona was my subject for several of my school assignments.  I was even able to take her to the dark room and the photo studio at school.  Getting to do my assignments with her made them even more enjoyable.  These images are a few of what I shot for an assignment in my Advanced Photoshop class.  These aren’t the final images I turned in for the assignment, but they perfectly capture Sona’s insane beauty.  :)

You can see the rest of her photos here: Sona


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