Monday Inspiration: Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  I hope y’all have been enjoying candy, costumes, and all sorts of fantastic fun this weekend!  Yesterday I helped out with Trunk or Treat at my church.  It was really fun and there was a great turn out.  Lots of kids came and lots of candy, cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate were consumed.  It was a good time had by all.  :)

I went to Trunk or Treat as a “butterfly princess”.  I wore my mom’s dress from her eighth grade dance and a pair of fairy wings that we’ve had for forever.  I think my sister was the first one to use them for a costume and they’ve been passed around ever since.  I was also referred to as an “angel” and a “fairy” during Trunk or Treat.  Either one works.  Just getting to wear a pretty dress and wings is fun enough. :)

Want a little more inspiration for the remainder of your spooky activities?  Yes?  Awesome!

Did you know that has Halloween stations?  They do!  You can listen to several different genres of Halloween music while putting together your costume, munching on candy, or you can use it as the background music for your party.  (Or if you unfortunately have to work today and miss out on all the fun, you can at least listen to spooky music while you work.)  My favorite ones to listen to are “Halloween Party” and “Spooky Symphonies”.  With “Halloween Party” you can listen to “Monster Mash” “Thriller” “Love Potion #9” and other old favorites.  “Spooky Symphonies” plays eerie film scores and classical music selections, such as music from “Harry Potter”, “Lord of the Rings”, Tim Burton’s movies, and instrumental pieces written and played by people whose names I can’t pronounce.  You best take advantage of this awesome spooky music while you still can!

Happy Halloween, everyone!  Have fun, eat lots of candy, and stay safe out there!


Friday Goodness

You know the feeling.  The “it’s almost the weekend” anticipation coupled with end-of-the-week concentration issues.  It’s almost here, but not quite.  You still have a little bit more to go before you can finally scoot back your chair, stretch, and clock out.  Productivity seems nearly impossible.  And unless you can reign in your mind and get down to work, being productive usually is impossible at this point.

Smokey and Pedro have the right idea.  Lucky cats.  They get to lay around in the sun all they want.

I’m going to attempt to get a little more work done before calling it quits for the day.  Happy Friday and a good weekend to y’all! :)


Nathan is such an awesome guy.  :)  I’ve known him since he was a freshman in high school, though it feels like it’s been much longer.  Once upon a time he was shorter than me but he must be around six feet tall now.  (Note to self: bring a step ladder to the photo shoot when you’re subject is taller than you.)  We’ve been involved in OAFC together for the past three or so years.  (  I’ve loved having the privilege of watching him grow into a strong leader and a young man solid in his faith.

We had a great time taking Nathan’s senior photos.  First we went to Patriot’s Park in Greenville and then to a friend’s house to take advantage of their awesome staircase/loft/balcony.  Lastly we visited the Iron Gate, a certain little place where Nathan’s older siblings had their senior photos taken.  Nathan’s mother told me that she wanted to have a picture of each of her kids at the Iron Gate so we made sure to get that special shot for her.  :)

You can see the rest of his photos here: Nathan


My friend LaRue was in town for his new nephew’s baptism recently and we were able to get together for a little photo session before he had to go home.  (I’d been teasing him for a while about needing a better profile picture.)  :)

You can see the rest of his album here: LaRue