Amanda and Nate

Amanda and Nate are two friends of mine that I know through OAFC.  We got together for a fun little shoot near my house one day in July.  It was a great time playing around in the creek, fields, and on the railroad tracks while taking photos.  Amanda and Nate are terribly cute together.  I was very happy to get to do this photo shoot for them.  :)

You can view the rest of their photos here: Amanda and Nate


New Things!

So what’s been going on in the land of Rooney Photography?  All sorts of exciting things!

I have a photo session in the works with one of my friends.  It’s very unique and I’m terribly excited to get to shoot these photos. I really wish I could say more, but I want it to be a surprise for y’all.  Keep an eye out for some special new photos on my Facebook page and a blog post about the session.

Have you heard of Etsy?  It’s a really neat website where vintage and handmade items can be bought and sold.  Being a crafty person myself, I think it’s really wonderful.  There are so many talented people selling their work on this website and my sister is one of them!  She sells handmade cards, gift tags, and place cards.  This is her shop: (Here’s an interesting little tidbit: I helped her come up with the name for her business!)  By now you’re probably thinking, “What does Etsy have to do with photography?”  Sure, you purchase cards, vintage clothing, homemade soaps, and things like that on Etsy.  But it’s also a place where you can acquire original artwork!  Paintings, sculptures, and photographic prints are up for grabs on Etsy.  I’m planning on opening a shop to sell a collection of my photographs.  I have many fantastic floral, city, and other artistic shots that I’m excited to put up for sale.  I’ll be sticking with smaller sizes for now (5×7 and 8×10) but will hopefully offer bigger prints in the future (11×14 and up!).  I’ll add my Etsy shop to my Facebook page once it’s up and running and there will most likely be a blog post about it.  So, once again, keep an eye out for something new popping up!

I’d like to give a huge “thank you” for all the support y’all have given me.  If it wasn’t for the kind words, strong advice, and y’all willingly (or unwillingly) putting up with me taking a million photos of you and everything else, I wouldn’t have the courage to put myself out there and start my business.  Another great big “thank you” to God for giving me such amazing and encouraging friends and family.  :)

(I posted the black and white version of this photo to my Facebook page, but here’s the color version.  Which do you like best?  Is this something you would purchase from Etsy?)


For Dylan’s senior photos I met up with him and his dad at the country club in Staunton.  It was a lovely day for such a beautiful location.  The shots near the lake are definitely my favorite.  I’d love to go back there and get to explore more neat little places for photo shoots.

You can see the rest of his photos here: Dylan

Alex and Dylan

A peek into the little session I did for my brother and his girlfriend when they went to prom earlier this year.

I never even knew this awesome location existed until Alex’s mom took us out there.  I definitely want to go there again for more photo shoots.  The weather was overcast and very windy the day we were there, but we made it work.  It certainly helped that Alex and Dylan are both extremely good-looking.  :)

You can see the entire album of their photos here: Alex and Dylan