Here’s that next blog post I promised y’all!  :)

So a little about myself?  I’m a native Texan who currently lives in Southern-ish Illinois.  I was home schooled from Kindergarten all the way through high school.  Lewis and Clark Community College is where I studied for my photography certificate.  For the past four years I’ve been working at my church’s daycare.

Photography isn’t my only artistic outlet.  I also sew, write, and dabble with drawing and painting.  I like a lot of different music and movies.  I can’t pick just one band or genre.  Same thing with flowers; they’re all so beautiful!

And now a little about my business:  For now it’s just me, myself, and I.  All the blogging, shooting, editing, and business stuff is done by yours truly.  It’s too early to tell if I’ll have a business partner or expand in some other way in the future, but at this point anything is possible.  :)

All my work is done to its absolute best; I don’t slack off.  But just like with any job, I’m constantly learning new things as I move forward.  I hope to give you the most comfortable photo shoot experience and wonderful images possible.

A note about e-mailing me:  All e-mails sent to the Yahoo account listed here and on my Facebook page are being re-routed to my personal Gmail account.  I’ll continue listing the Yahoo e-mail as my contact until I’ve used up all my business cards and can print new ones with the Gmail address on them.

To finish off this post, here are some photos I snapped during a recent weekend trip to Wheaton.  Enjoy!  :)